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A Study in Sherlock

Writing for the Sherlock Holmes fandom

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A community created for writers of the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

Hello, and welcome to studyinsherlock!

The Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are believed to have one of the first fan followings. It's amazing to think that, over 100 years later, the fandom is still immensely popular and hundreds of adaptations have been created. Everything written, filmed, etc. after Doyle's original work is pretty much fanfiction!

We are a community open to all writers of the Sherlock Holmes fandom. Look around you in any bookstore and you're bound to find some work of fiction based after Holmes ... even Stephen King has done it! While many of us have probably not reached that level yet (and may not even want to), there are few differences between us and published Holmes writers. It's good fun, it's a hobby and people from LiveJournal members to the writers of the 2009 Holmes adaptation  have done it. Honestly, who doesn't love Sherlock Holmes?

studyinsherlock is a resource for Holmes writers. We will try to have regular discussions about writing for the fandom, and members are strongly urged to request and/or lead any discussion topics!

Here are a few ground rules.

#1 Posting. This is a very member-friendly community. Any member has the ability to post discussion topics. Please keep everything relevant, and make sure the discussion has the potential to be constructive! If you're not sure, just shoot one of the mods a message

#2 Author interviews and author Q&A. There will be frequent author interviews. If you're interested in being interviewed, please fill out an interview form here and message it to the moderators. Please do not post the interviews yourself. The interviews are meant to be fun and informative and help other members get to know each other and who is behind the pen name. Most questions will be about the writer's view on the fandom itself, and a few personal details may be asked. Answering these questions is completely optional! In fact, any question that a writer doesn't want to answer can just be deleted while filling out the interview form. As for author Q&As, visit this link for more information.

#3 Please refrain from posting your work. There are tons of other communities created just for posting your finished work (check some of our affiliates). Since this community is just meant to be a writer's resource, please don't post your own fanfiction here. Obviously, you can discuss your writing  with other members while you're working on it. But this community is not meant for the finished product. We'll all see it posted in the other communities!

#4 Betas. Feel free to search for a beta here. This community is meant to help people with their writing, so feel free to post and ask for a beta.

If anything is unclear, please contact the moderators!



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