Looking for a beta and Britpicker for two Sherlock BBC fics.

Hello.  So glad I found this community as well!

I've looked at a few comms and have put a request in others comms for a beta and Britpicker but haven't found one.

I've written a couple of fics for crossbigbang and het_bigbang (already, yes).  Both fics are crossovers; crossbigbang is with a Torchwood character that died in canon as well as a Luther character, and het_bigbang is one Luther character (with another in the background).  The crossbigbang is also AU (because of the Torchwood character).  Both fics are rated R, largely for violence, and are not part of the same universe, if you're wondering.  The crossbigbang project is based on "The Adventures of the Empty House;" the het_bigbang project is based on "The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton." 

I'm looking mostly for a beta to make sure my Sherlock, John and Lestrade are in character and/or to make sure the events in the story make sense.  If you don't know Torchwood and/or Luther, it's okay; I want you to read only for the Sherlock characters.  I am from the United States, and I did research London to the best of my ability in these fics, but I want to make sure I don't make any logical fallacies with my fics; that's why I'd love a Britpicker.

het_bigbang is way off in August-ish, so a need for a beta and Britpicker for that fic is not needed now.  crossbigbang starts posting next month, and I'd love a beta and/or Britpicker as soon as possible for that fic.

If you'd like to find out more information, I'd be glad to answer any replies to this post or any PMs.  Thanks!

Beta request

Looking for a brit-pick, grammar & content beta for book!verse slash fics (Holmes/Watson), rated from PG to R.
Fics are supposed to be pastiches - my goal is to approximate to ACD's writing style as close as possible. 
It would be great if you could help me to surmount some difficulties that may occur.

Thanks in advance!

Victorian Vacations

I am writing a story involving Mary and Dr. Watson on their honeymoon.  I have to ask, what do honeymooners do?  Other than the obvious.  I know about swimming and theatre but what else do they do?  Also, how long are honeymoons normally last?


I just finished reading the short-story The Adventure of the Copper Beeches, while reading the part with the woman sitting in the window struck me as really familiar. I have a vague memory of reading about a man who saw a woman sitting in a window but when they realized he was watching they shut it. Is there another Doyle-story which tells a similar story from his perspective or is it all in my head?
Any SH geeks here who knows the works well enough to help me? :)
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diet and mental acuity, victorian perspective

Yesterday I was reading through an antique book of lectures I'd just bought, and happened across an interesting (and quite Holmesian) couple of paragraphs regarding digestion and "protracted mental efforts."

I found it really interesting and pertinent and, well, I was in a sharing mood. It was suggested on holmes_finders that here was the place to post!

Nice to meet you, I guess! Here it is at my journal:

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Victorian Christmas

Seeing that the season for holiday-themed fics is going to come up soon.. :-)
I know there is a wealth of information about Victorian Christmas traditions on the internet and my head is already hurting, but I still haven't figured out when, precisely, the gifts were exchanged. I understand the children would find them on Christmas Day under the tree, but the adults? And would there be any "official" celebration at all on Christmas Eve?

Thanks in advance!
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Looking for a Beta

 Okay, I really hope this will work, I didn't figure livejournal out completely...
I need a beta reader. I'm new in this fandom and I don't know anything about it yet but I have this Holmes/Watson fanfiction, it's rather short (about 3000 words), just a little "the moment after"-thought. It is my first english fanfiction, although I think it is not that bad- So I need someone to read through it, telling me what stupid grammar mistakes I made and what is good or bad about my writing.
I would be grateful for your help.
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